Why We Celebrate Passover

Why We Celebrate Passover

This year, Passover begins at sundown on Monday, April 14th.  I share the following post each year before Passover in hopes that more Christians will recognize the importance of this feast and will choose to celebrate it with their family. Growing up, I always enjoyed Easter.  It was a time to decorate eggs, open my […]

Five Lessons Learned about Disney World from a First-Timer

Yep, that’s right.  I finally made it to Disney World.  It only took me 41 years, but I made it and lived to tell about it. That’s me on the left with my three kiddos and my mom.  We spent six days touring the four parks and, boy, do I have some great memories and […]

Encouragement for a Doubter

Do you ever have those moments, minutes, days, weeks, even months of doubt about what in the world you’re supposed to be doing?  I mean, there are so many worthy pursuits of my time, energy, and money.  How do I know that what I’m investing in now is really how God wants me to spend […]